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Training for wedding photographers and creatives

Mentoring and training for wedding photographers. 


Training for wedding photographers

With over half a decade in the industry, published on several of the big blogs, over a 100 weddings behind me and an unbroken string of happy and amazing clients I am now offering mentoring for a select few who are looking for the guidance and to do the work to make the leap into this amazing career. 


I have tried it all with years of trial and error regarding growing my business. I have now had 2 incredible years of growth and I have had my best year ever in 2017 with my diary almost full for 2018 with my perfect ideal clients. What did I change after 4yrs of struggle? I invested in help. Mine was in the form of 4 wonderful and creative individuals who all helped me in various areas of my business. I never looked back and now I am able to offer that support to others. 


You are a deeply passionate creative who loves wedding photography, you love the beauty of capturing couples in love and providing a lifetime of memories. You are either looking to leave the crushing 9-5 to embark on a brand new adventure and set yourself free creatively, or maybe you are a year or so in and have hit a brick wall and don't know how to push things forward. Either way you are ready to make the leap and do the work to carve out a business you love. 


All sessions are 1:1 and totally tailored around you and what you need in terms of guidance. Below are areas of what I can offer you during your session. I want you to walk away with a clear plan of what the next step is and how to achieve it! 

  • Lightroom & workflow: I can talk you through mine and how I am able to provide fast turn arounds for clients. We can chat presets, culling, processing and final presentation. 
  • Client Communication: From the first email to the album design, I can go through the entire relationship I have with my clients. Many of whom are now my friends. 
  • Pricing: How to price yourself and get over the money blocks of what you are actually worth.
  • Squarespace website guidance: I have been with Squarespace now for over 2yrs and have found it by far the most time saving and flexible platform for my website. Much time has been spent exploring what Squarespace has to offer and I can show you the best way to create a beautiful and interactive website. 
  • Business Mindset: By far the most important thing I worked on. Self-employment is hard especially in creative services. You need to learn how to maintain a positive and forward thinking mindset even when things aren't going to plan. Without that positive mindset it becomes very easy to fall into self-sabotage and procrastination. 
  • Goal setting and achieving them: Setting goals and mapping them out is half the battle. You can't go anywhere if you don't know what direction you are heading in which is why this is also important. I can help you set goals for the next 12 months and map out the road to achieving them. I can also show you how to track your progress and keep yourself accountable!
  •  Blogging and social media: Crucial today for sharing your message and getting yourself out there.
  • Identifying and finding your ideal client: Guess what you don't have to work for everyone and anyone! I can help you work out who those people are that you want to work with and how to repel the ones you don't want to work with. Its actually detrimental to you and your business to work for the wrong people. 
  • Working with couples: If you decide on the 5hr intensive day then you have the option of getting a couple booked in for an hour or so and I can show you how I interact with my couples to get real and authentic images of them together. 
  • Styled shoots: How to organise one and how it will help your business.
  • How to manage a wedding day: The in's and out's of how I work on the day so the couple get the most from their wedding photography and you will have the opportunity to assist me on a wedding day if you want. 



A 2hr skype session or phone call tailored to what you need. 


A 5hr intensive day in person in London. There will be lots of coffee and lunch and we can organise a couple for an hour if required.


You have the 5hr in person day and then a further 2hrs via skype per month for 6 months for further support and to help keep you accountable. The 2hrs can either be in one go or you can split it across the month.  
(This can be paid in instalments, just ask)


Booking is easy! Just fill in the form below and make sure to tell me about you and where you are in your business. I will get back to you within 24hrs with potential dates. To confirm the booking full payment is required. 

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