The Wedding Album

wedding photo album

So lets start with a fact. On average out of every 100,000 photos taken in the world today only 1 gets printed! There are cameras everywhere, taking a photo is a totally normal part of day to day life. We love to collect our memories and share them to the world on social media. What happens though if Facebook goes bust? Or we have a digital dark age? I know far fetched right? But entirely possible and that would be it your memories gone. 

I hear it all the time "we only want the digital files" ok great and of course you will get the digital files or thats how I work anyway. You get them on a beautiful wooden personalised USB. But then what happens? You pop them in the draw promising yourself that you will get some prints done. You may upload them to your computer store them in a file, maybe upload a few to facebook. Life gets in the way and you never get round to it. Until one day your child asks to see your wedding photos. Ummm now where did we leave that USB? Got lost in the house move maybe? Maybe you can get hold of your photographer? Nope they don't have copies anymore either (I happen to keep my clients photos stored on hard drives and online so you can fetch them back if you do lose yours). Suddenly that investment is gone. All thats left is the low res images on your facebook profile. 

Now imagine how different that situation is with a wedding album. A beautiful book, carefully crafted, something of quality containing the story of that special day in your lives. Taking pride of place on the coffee table or in that gorgeous antique bookcase. Always there and always ready to come out and be enjoyed by grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren it will stay in your family for generations. Thats the real investment, the finished product from your wedding photographs. 

Thats why I will always encourage them, thats why I spend a fortune on samples. To help people not lose sight of the importance of print! Digital is great but its so fragile, can be so easily lost. Look after your memories invest in having them printed, framed, put on canvas the options are endless and right at your finger tips. 

wedding photo albums
wedding photo albums
wedding photo albums
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