Shop Local!


This is going to be a bit of a passionate rant.

My new years resolution was to stop shopping in the supermarkets. I wanted to leave the mass production market. I felt like a hypocrite, my beliefs regarding British farmers and animal welfare are so bloody strong yet with a busy life I was trapped in the cycle of convenience as are millions of us. Popping to Tesco or Waitrose on my way home was a habit, a habit I hated and felt guilty about. Standing in the meat aisle looking at row upon row of chickens and thinking how many chickens does this supermarket sell and then how many supermarkets are there? Thousands and thousands of chickens sold every week, what condition do they live in to sustain the mass production market?

When I lived in France the meat was delivered by the butcher, the bread delivered by the bakery. Everything fresh, everything local it was bloody amazing. Yet we have lost that here. There is a Sainsburys local on every corner in London! Its over priced, crap quality and the farmers are being ripped off and animals suffer. Yet we still shop there! Why? Its simple convenience. 

So I set my new years resolution and set out to find somewhere new to shop that was still reasonably convenient but had ethics and local produce. 

Last weekend Luke wanted to buy a shed. He loves making things out of wood and needed a large one to have as a workshop so he can work in all weathers. We went to a couple of places and everything was over £5k way out of our budget :( on our way home I said why don't we head to the garden centre over on Polhill we drive past it all the time and I do like a garden centre and they might have a shed. 

Oh my goodness! Its heaven. HUGE farm shop, HUGE butchers and just an endless maze of everything you could need for country life. That was it, this is where I will shop. So far we have had ribs, chips and salad, Sunday roast, pie, chips and beans and tonight part boned chicken breasts, red wine and mushroom sauce, green veg and potato gratin. Average cost £3 each. And it tastes so f'ing good and guilt free. Yep I have to travel 15mins out of my way but its not anymore expensive plus the butcher does the raw food for Esther and its way cheaper than the normal raw dog food I get her. 

So shop local, support local farmers and buy your meat from places the animal has had a decent life. I don't want to lose our farming communities or eat shit food from the supermarket. Supporting local businesses will be so much more beneficial for the future generations.

ami robertsonComment