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Winter wedding tips and why I love photographing them!

So this post is an exciting post! Not only am I going to talk about one of my favourite subjects, winter weddings but I am also celebrating this awesome January styled shoot I did with some incredible suppliers that featured in Whimsical Wonderland Weddings recently.

I LOVE winter weddings.

For me winter is the most beautiful time of year, with colours of Autumn to kick it off, then the exciting run up to Christmas, the colours, the atmosphere and the light honestly makes my creativity go into overdrive. 

I also love fairytales and it was just before Christmas last year that this shoot popped into my head. I had discovered the simply stunning Kentfield Country Estate a beautiful new venue half an hour from Sevenoaks, Kent. I knew I wanted to shoot something there and the Ice Queen/Narnia theme would fit perfectly. So I rallied together a wonderful group of suppliers.

Sherrie Warwick, for hair and make up who came up with Isabella's gorgeous looks.

Lucy Day from Wild Bloom who provided some seriously amazing flowers. 

Tayjal Minstry from Mani's Creative who in very short notice put together some beautiful stationary for us. 

I was so lucky to have these guys involved. They all brought some incredible ideas to the table and were an absolute pleasure to work with. I also of course have to mention my lovely model Isabella and Reef the Friesian Stallion who definitely bought the wow. 


Winter weddings for me are incredible to photograph. My couples who get married in Winter are usually brave, bold and have no issue with getting the wellies on, embracing the weather and getting some awesome photos regardless. You have dramatic skies, crazy beautiful afternoon light, rain makes colour pop, wind provides romance and drama. 

Winter weddings are not for the faint hearted, but they also remove the disappointment factor as you expect the weather to be bad.

Book your wedding in August you expect sunshine when we all know the UK weather doesn't always provide that and brides will often find themselves disappointed and stressed when they have planned a lot of their day outside.

But Winter brides don't have that problem, they have already put the plan in place for crap weather and they have every intention of embracing it. 

You can check out these two amazing weddings I have done and see how incredible a Winter wedding can be!

Elle & Matt's February Marquee wedding at home. 

Lydia & Rob's January wedding at Forty Hall


There are so many incredible wedding venues in the South East that can provide a perfect stage for a winter wedding for all levels of bravery :) 

 Kentfield Country Estate.

For the super brave I would recommend this place as I have said it is epic, you have plenty of room for one seriously awesome Marquee by the lake. The boys can get ready in the shoot lodge and girls have a lodge at the house to get ready in. The place is maintained beautifully so no risk of cars getting stuck in the mud. And then photo opportunities are INCREDIBLE :) 

Forty Hall in Enfield 

Is a super venue for a winter wedding! The banqueting suite with its beautiful brick work is perfect for both a ceremony and a party so you be having to move around guests. You also have the gardens which are amazing all year round for photos! 

 Ramster Hall in Surrey

Is stunning all year round. But the atmosphere of the beautiful hall with fairylights and dramatic features would be awesome at christmas! Its another place you can have your ceremony and reception together. As well as the beautiful gardens you also have some fantastic spots inside for photos!

The Wren in London 

Is the beautifully converted St Nicholas Cole Abbey. Its stunning and the perfect stage for a Central London winter wedding. You can really put your own stamp on your event and there is plenty of room inside for group photos if the weather is really rubbish. However you are located right next to St Pauls and the Thames so for couples photos you are sorted! ESPECIALLY when the Christmas lights are up! 

These are just a few venues that I believe are amazing for couples choosing to have their wedding in the winter! The choice is endless but the key things I would be thinking about when choosing one would be....






There are a number of things you can do to make sure you get great wedding photography for your winter wedding.

First of all select a GOOD wedding photographer. You need someone who knows light and how to use it! Winter weddings are often dark and knowing how to make the most of every situation is crucial to achieve amazing results. 

Get on top of your timings.

So its often dark by 4pm so think about having an early ceremony so you have plenty of time for your group photos and couple photos. Which by the way are AMAZING for winter weddings! Why? You ask! Well you have amazing sunsets, beautiful light and dramatic weather. Thats why and thats why I LOVE winter weddings! 


That is a silly statement if you are getting married in winter and you want awesome photos. Firstly you are only going to wear it once. And secondly you are only going to have this opportunity ONCE! Embrace it and make your couple photos unique and incredible.


Winter is all about rich colours and bold statements. Thats one of the best bits about them. You can get so creative with putting your stamp on your wedding. Think greens, reds, deep purples, midnight blue and gold. You can get mythical, ethereal and fairytale. 

There is no end to making your styling awesome and as for the flowers, well winter flowers are jaw dropping as you can see from what Lucy achieved on our styled shoot. Loose and wild bouquets and bright rich colours against the contrasting winter countryside really stand out. 

You can check out this great little article on winter flowers here.

And lighting! Winter wedding lighting can be a real statement! Its something that can't be fully appreciated in the summer months but in the winter it can be something that takes your wedding to the next level of gorgeous! I have put together a pinterest board filled with lighting inspiration which you can find HERE. 

So we are close to the end of my little guide and passion talk on the beauty that is a winter wedding. 

Before I share with you the rest of my favourites from my styled shoot I am going to tell you that I have an OFFER on winter wedding photography. I want my diary for winter 2016/17 filled with brave and beautiful couples who are planning an amazing winter wedding. If you want to know more then use the button below to drop me a message about you and your day! 

I can't wait to hear from you and I hope you have found this post helpful! Enjoy the rest of the photos.

Ami xx