A catch up on life in Devon.

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So some may of noticed things have been a little quiet on here. Thats simply down to the fact that life has been BUSY! And so much fun. In the past two months I have moved to Devon, photographed god knows how many wonderful couples tying the knot, a couple of big commercial jobs and few horses and families for good measure.

And as I reflect on that and look forward to a weekend of a wedding, an engagement session and a horse shoot I can only feel gratitude that my life is so filled with doing something I love. 

Devon is beautiful as I have always remembered it to be but my routine has definitely been thrown. I have been enjoying Pearl on her new yard and her education is coming on perfectly I can't wait to back her next year. In the meantime though I have another beautiful ginger Horse joining us next month, the wonderful Spring who is coming for a year on loan from a friend. I have a winter of riding and long walks with Esther ahead after my last wedding in November at The Ritz, London. 

2017 is booking up beautifully and I can't wait to shoot the weddings of all these remarkable couples who have picked me to work with! Its going to be bloody brilliant :) 

For now I will leave you with some Devon beach landscapes and Esther enjoying the life beside the seaside and I promise lots of lovely wedding blogs to follow. 

Ami xx

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