Wedding Photographer in London at Julia & Gareth's beautiful wedding at Banking Hall, Cornhill.

london wedding photographer. Banking Hall Cornhill wedding.

I have totally given up at attempting to keep my blog posts short I am afraid. The status quo in the industry seems to be try to keep it short but thats not me, I want to show off so much of these AMAZING weddings I get the privilege to capture. 

So today we have Julia & Gareth.

SO MUCH LOVE. This was my second wedding of August and the second wedding ceremony in a row at St Helen's Bishopsgate that beautiful church next to the Gerkin. Once again a beautiful ceremony filled with joy.

Julia looked insanely beautiful in her dress which she let me hang from the balcony door at the hotel to get one of my most favourite dress shots of the year!

The reception was held at the incredible Banking Hall on Cornhill this is such an amazing space it blew me away and it was decorated to perfection. I especially loved photographing the speeches where each speaker stood on the stairs like a stage!

This wonderful couple and their families have been amazing to work with from day one so thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for choosing me to be your wedding photographer.

Ami xx 

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