Kent Wedding Photographer with Emily & Will at Mountains Country House.

wedding at mountains country house in kent

Ah I am so excited to be sharing this wedding with you today!
Back in the glorious Autumn Emily & Will got married and it was supposed to be the day storm Brian hit and although the winds were reasonably strong and it did chuck it down a bit we mostly had sunshine and rainbows! 

Emily looked absolutely bloody incredible in her Eliza Jane Howell dress and her make up and hair were perfectly done by the wonderful Harriet Rainbow and Simply Beautiful Wedding Hair
Honestly she was breathtaking and I am sure Will was knocked off his feet when he saw her!

The wedding was held at St John the Baptist in Penhurst and what was so special more so than usual was that Will's Dad was the one who married them as it's his church. In all my years this was a first and it made the ceremony that extra bit wonderful.

After group photos it was off to Mountains Country House for their reception. And what a reception it was! Their speeches were so heartwarming and hilariously funny, I found myself smiling through all of them and even shed a little tear myself at stages. 

The whole day was warm, filled with love and so much laughter it was an honour once again to be a part of something so wonderful. 

Emily & Will it was nothing short of a joy to be your wedding photographer. 

Also just a little shout out to Darling & Wild who did Emily's stunning Bridal Flowers and to Acorn & Wren who did the church flowers and display outside the marquee.

Enjoy the photos! 
Ami xx

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