London Wedding Photographer. A couple session with Alexandra & Giorgio.

london engagement photo shoot

Ah these two were so gorgeous! My wedding clients Elise & Marwan bought some friends engagement sessions as gifts (because they are super awesome like that) and Alexandra & Giorgio were one of their friends who received one. 

I bloody LOVE photographing in London. It's a wonderful thing to have my base here and photograph so many wonderful couples in our beautiful city. 

This day was a total joy with these two who turned up looking amazing in the early Autumn. They have an amazing connection so my job was easy working with the early evening of a slightly grey but still beautiful day.

I love the lights as well that come from the city along the river so we did a favourite loop of mine from London Bridge down the North side to Tower bridge and then back up the South side. 

I love these images so much and I hope you enjoy them too. 


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