London wedding photographer and a couple shoot with Susanna & Jon.

london wedding photographer

I didn't really feel like blogging today. Sometimes things are happening in life that just make you want to hide away and shut the rest of the world out. I am going through one of those times. No amount of wishful thinking is going to take away the pain that is going to follow in the next few weeks. However I am so fortunate that my job is a reminder of why we go through that pain. 

LOVE. I photograph love, true and wonderful love the very thing that ultimately one way or another gives us that pain and struggle. 

But would we be without it? I most certainly wouldn't which is why I did choose to blog today. To remind myself of just how beautiful this world is despite the hurt we suffer. 

Susanna & Jon were another couple who received a couple shoot from the infinitely kind Elise & Marwan. And spending time with them was a total joy. 

As ever you have the awkwardness at the start. My couples aren't models they are real people (not that models aren't haha) who have little experience of being photographed this way. My approach is a simple one just show your love to one another. Whisper something in their ear, hold each other close and enjoy that. That is where you find the magic of authentic photography. 

Soon enough Susanna & Jon were behaving like they had been doing this all their lives. Below are the results and I love each and every one of them for reminding me today of what it is to love.

Ami xx

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