Personal Photograph of the Week. The Old Railway in Newton Poppleford, East Devon.

So today I bring you my very first personal photograph of the week. I wanted to do this to showcase more of my passion as a photographer. I take so many photos and often with being so busy with weddings and portraits these photos don't see the light of day.

So the very first one is The Old Railway in Newton Poppleford in East Devon.

I took this back in March 2016 when I was down in Devon helping my mum after she had had an operation. Every morning me and Esther would go out to explore. One of the most beautiful spots is only about a 10min walk from my Mum's and that is this place.

I am such a morning person. I love to be up early and to get productive asap and I find I feel so much more fulfilment from my life by embracing each and every morning. 

And when you do that you get rewarded with these amazing moments. We had literally just arrived on the path and just as we went into the bend that incredible winter sunlight just came streaming through the trees. It was breathtaking and I just took a moment to enjoy it before taking this picture. 

And thats why I love this image. It reminded me of a moment in time where everything was still and beautiful and that I had been present enough to just enjoy it. I really hope that comes across in the image.

Have a lovely day
Ami xx

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