Personal Branding: Fellow photographer Suzi Bowles!

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So Sunday I headed back into Surrey to photograph a fellow photographer Suzi Bowles. 
Suzi is a family, newborn and maternity photographer and she also runs workshops that help people get to know their cameras and their creativity. 

We focused on who Suzi is what makes up her life which is her family first and foremost and of course her work. It was a nerve-wracking for both of us, for Suzi being in front of the lens and me photographing her. That being said I love working with other photographers, this industry can be so full of egos and negativity and I am much more of the lift each other up and support one another camp than seeing anyone as a threat.

It was great to see Suzi with her family. To chat life in her kitchen and to watch her work with a client. This is what personal branding has become for me I guess. I want to spend a few hours in the lives of creative people making their own path and photographing the things that make up who they are. That authenticity is what makes their clients fall in love with them.

You can check out what Suzi does here and here 

Being your true self is the most effective formula for success out there
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