5 Tips on how to make the most of your wedding photography.

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So having been to a fair few weddings over the years there are definitely a few key points I always make to my couples on how to make the most from their wedding photography. From preparation before the day to the action on the day :)


Layout what's important to you.
We know the basic outline of a wedding like the backs of our hands so while we don't need full blown lists detailing every single shot that you want throughout the day there will be some things that we aren't aware of.
Such as maybe your dog is going to be the ring bearer or your grandparents are maybe poorly and won't be staying the entire day so you want to make sure you get a photo of them early on or maybe and I have had it before you have 4/5 generations of women and you want that shot of you all together.
These are things that aren't always common place at a wedding so letting us know ahead will mean we can plan these things.


Trust your photographer.
This point is based on the fact that you have picked someone who's work you love and you have faith in their vision for your day. Because you see every photographer is different, photography is an art form and we all see the world differently through our lenses.
So don't send endless pinterest photos that are totally different to the style of the photographer you have booked as the chances are you are going to put them in an impossible situation of recreating someone else's work which will kill the creativity and likely leave you without the photos you wanted in the first place.
As long as you have booked your wedding photographer based on how awesome you think their work is you will have amazing photos but only if you trust them to live out their vision for your wedding day. 


Plan your group photos ahead of the day.
We all know deep down inside while the group photos are important no one likes to be stood around for ages going back and forth having their photo taken and for you guys the couple, smiling in the same way over and over for a long period of time can hurt your face! So plan ahead and this is something I do as standard anyway. Create a list for your photographer of the important group photos that you want.
For the love of god though please don't use names. It makes things really complicated when you are dealing with the average group size of 100 people and while you try to remember people's name its just not always possible. Also looking at a list of names you don't know that that group photo is the immediate family of the bride or the groom's friends from work. It's much easier to build a picture of the layout and best order to do the photos in if they read something like this:
Bride & Groom + Brides parents.
Bride & Groom + Bride's whole family
Groom + Work friends


And group photos lead nicely into timings!
This is so important because the day will be over in a flash and you never have as much time as you think you do. People always say to me how do you work such long days with such enthusiasm? My answer is simply they go by sooooo quickly (plus I am never not loving every single second). So just give yourself a little extra time on your schedule.
For example, if you need to leave for the church/registry office at 12.45 I would plan to be in your dress for 12.10 because the reality is you won't be in it until 12.30 and then you will still have a little time for some bridal portraits and your dad seeing you etc.
Also, make sure you leave enough time for your group photos so you can enjoy your drinks reception as well. I personally average 10-15 group photos in 30-45mins, so if you want 20 group shots make sure you have more than 20mins outside the church to get them done. Also if you are having a winter wedding I would highly recommend an early ceremony so you have time afterwards to enjoy the daylight for group photos and your couple photos.


Enjoy yourself. This is the most important part.
Even if things run late, even if it rains, even if people get lost, whatever happens on the day is out of your control and the quirky mishaps of weddings are often the fond memories after the day. 
If you are stressed or worrying that will come across in your photos.
If you embrace the day and treat it as the ultimate celebration of your love for your soulmate no matter what happens you will firstly have an amazing time regardless creating wonderful memories AND you will have incredible photos because that joy will come through on every single moment photographed :)

I hope you enjoyed this post
Ami xx


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