Wedding Photographer in Lancashire. Amy & Phil's wedding at the Ashton Memorial.

wedding at Ashton Memorial in Lancashire

Well wedding number two of 2017 was also just a little bit wonderful (tbh they all are but in their own unique and perfect ways) 

Amy & Phil are two incredibly in love and beautiful people and working with them was just pure joy. Honestly their love for one another just glows and you can't help but just feel happy around them. 

They put together an absolute cracker of a day. Starting at the Ashton Memorial in Lancaster for their ceremony, this outstanding building was a backdrop suited to a film. Except this was real life and it was awesome :)

Their ceremony was so special with 2 readings and a proper sing along the whole thing was emotionally super charged and just wonderfully lovely. 

After drinks and group photos we headed to Morecambe beach for some couple photos. We went specifically for the murals created down there with really contributed to the vintage twist of Amy & Phil's wedding. They had poured their heart into this with everything pretty much been made by them, friends and family. Nothing was done without thought. 

We then headed to Cockerham Village Hall for their reception which again had been stamped thoroughly with the personality and sentiment of Amy & Phil. Speeches were hilarious and thoughtful and expertly delivered and no wedding is complete without bingo. 

I know I rushed them but as the light slipped away we were given an incredible sunset and we just managed to capture the last streams of light of a really magical day. 

Live music and dancing followed and I am once again in awe of what I do. It took me 6hrs to drive home but I did it on an absolute high from a fantastic start to 2017.

Thank you Amy & Phil for having me and I hope you like the preview and I can't wait to show you the rest. 

Ami xx


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