Wedding photographer in Cambridgeshire at Lauren & Luke's Swynford Manor wedding.

swynford manor wedding

Well, you don't get weddings more wintery than this.

What can I say, there could have been a minor disaster with this day. It was the 27th December, day after boxing day and somehow I had the foresight to leave 4hrs earlier than I needed to. I don't what it was, a funny feeling in my gut that made that decision. I am bloody glad for that gut instinct. As soon as I left London the snow started and it started hard. Huge snowflakes and it was settling on the motorway. Slow and steady was my progress. However, I still got myself into an accident on a slip road.  You know that moment your brakes don't work? Yep. I went into the person ahead of me and the guy behind me went into the back of me. LUCKILY no major damage but I was shaken all the same. 

I eventually finished my crawl to Swynford Manor in Newmarket for Lauren & Luke's wedding. What a magical day. First of all the venue is stunning and perfect for a winter wedding. Lauren & Luke's elegant but festive decor added a hint of drama that also complimented the white backdrop outside. I knew this day was going to be cracking wedding. 

Lauren looked absolutely beautiful in her dress and Luke wore a tux which again I think is just the perfect thing for a day like this. Lauren's bridesmaids also looked gorgeous in silver. You could not have asked for a more stylish couple and bridal party. 

The whole day was held at Swynford and it was perfect. Emotions were high, speeches and readings were as ever personal and beautifully executed. 

Hats off to Lauren though who without a doubt wins bravest bride of the year. She stepped out into the cold and ice and fully embraced the rare opportunity of snowy wedding photos and the results are wonderful. The love these two have for one another truly shines through. 

The wedding breakfast & evening was lit by candlelight which just created the most amazing atmosphere and really gave an intimate feel to the day. I always love photographing beautifully lit weddings, they are challenging but recreating that feeling through photos is so rewarding. 

No winter wedding is complete without a sparkler photo and the guests braved the cold (it was so cold) to go outside and give Lauren & Luke some more wonderful memories. 

I am so thankful to Lauren & Luke for choosing me to capture their memories and I had such an amazing day. Enjoy the photos!

Ami xx


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