A wedding photographer in Malta. A short adventure with Luke.

Malta Photos

So finally I have found the time to go through the photos I took when me and Luke headed to Malta for a few days back in July. 

I had a 2 week gap between weddings so we made the most of it and got a late deal. Everything looked great until we started to see trip advisor reviews about our hotel not being open yet!!! Luckily it opened the day before we arrived which was nearly 6 weeks later than it was supposed too. Really lovely place right at the top of Malta with the ferry to Gozo and boats to the Blue Lagoon literally outside.

I look back and kind of wish I took my camera out more BUT the objective of said break was to relax. And that I did very very well with lots of food AND I devoured 3 books all of which were excellent reads and I would heartily recommend if you are like me and have a thirst for knowledge.

Riding Between the Worlds

Unreasonable Behaviour

The Moths Snowstorm

We did do an excursion to Gozo which was advertised to us as a wonderful way to see the island on off road jeeps. It was largely horrific. Awful jeeps where the suspension had gone, ridiculously hot with the worst bit of dried chicken ever for lunch and a sexist tour guide who wouldn't speak to me and the other two girls and spent the entire time talking about football to Luke. 

That being said though Gozo is STUNNING and well worth the visit just don't do the jeep safari.

Valletta was probably my most favourite place we went too. Its a gorgeous city with a very Venetian feel to it. I also had the best meal not that I can remember the name of the place to save my life (I would be a crap travel journalist) but my love of seafood was and truly satisfied. 

All in all I would massively recommend Malta. Its a beautiful, rugged place with lovely people and some amazing food.

As ever my photos are generally better than my words so enjoy.
Ami xx

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