A photographer in Scotland. A mini adventure.

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So few weeks ago life was turned upside down. My grandad was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia and in the same 24hrs my Grandma had a heart attack. 

I was stuck in London with weddings that weekend and a much needed trip to Scotland planned on the Monday. Now I wanted to be home in Devon. But after much conversation with my Mum we decided that I should still go. After a long summer of wonderful weddings but extremely long working hours I was desperate for rest and to have my longing for nature fulfilled.

As ever my Mum was right. I needed this, not just the break to put myself back together again so I could go and be strong for my family but also to fill that gap that living in London creates. 

I grew up in the country, long days spent at my grandparents farm and on the beach. And the first half of my 20s was spent living in the Swiss, French & Austrian Alps. And at the time I didn't appreciate it for how much joy it gave me. Nature in all its wonders is the only thing that can produce that raw feeling for me. 

You know that feeling where you feel so small and your filled with an overwhelming sense of wonder. You feel grateful and privileged to be a tiny part of this wonderful planet. It almost brings you to tears and fills you with that warm feeling of pure connection.

I never realised how much I needed it until I moved to London. I do love this city in its own strange way. Its a place of opportunity and growth. Its fast paced and even beautiful in its own distinct way. But its disconnected at least for me from that direct link to genuine joy. And I am not talking about that quick fix of dopamine we get from a phone notification. 

I needed to go to Scotland. Its been on the bucket list for a long time. So we drove, me, Luke and Esther a full 17hrs to Ullapool in the North west of the country. We did have a stop in Loch Lomond for a quick walk though and thats where we saw the first rainbow. 

What followed was 5 days of perfect walking in some incredible places. Everyday for 5 days I was filled with wonder. The driving up there is like being in a car advert everywhere. We were spoilt with endless rainbows and dramatic weather that shaped the landscape. The variations of light across the mountains would leave you awe-struck. Mother nature is truly an artist. As a photographer and mere human I can only hope that my work captures that beauty. 

And then there is my dog. Dogs can pretty much find joy in any moment but watching Esther run, play and explore the wild landscape of the Scottish Highlands added another layer to my own pleasure of being there. 

All to soon it was over and we made the long drive home and what has followed is several weeks of hospitals, upset and managing all other normal life and business tasks. So I am glad I did go, I can go back to that time and remember the source of all joy and what it feels like to be alive, free and filled with wonder for the gifts of this world.

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