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The bridal preparations and why it should be photographed.

So this is something I wanted to blog about for ages. The bridal preparations. Too often I hear brides saying that they don't want this photographed. And usually its purely down to the fact they feel awkward about it. I get it having a camera in your face while you're having your contouring done is a pretty uncomfortable thought. But this blog is to inform you otherwise. 

Yes we photograph you having your hair and make up done its part of the story, however we are pretty skilled at making it as flattering and unobtrusive as possible, generally leaving it until the finishing touches when you are about to officially become a bride. 

There are other things though that make this part of the day so so special. There is so much excitement, anticipation, nerves and chaos flying around on the morning of a wedding that make it an important and emotional part of the whole story. It's the opening act, setting the scene for all the wonderfulness to come. 

It's an opportunity to have your wedding dress photographed beautifully hung somewhere in all its glory. It's the time where your shoes, jewellery, flowers etc are all documented. Its when you get candid photos of everyone having their hair and make up done, your dad cooking breakfast, mum running round trying to work out how to get your Grandma to the church. All photographed and there for you to look back on. 

There are two main parts for me though that just shouldn't be missed. The moment you are ready and you see yourself for the first time in the mirror, there is always that light up moment. The nerves either kick in or seem to go away when it officially hits you that you are getting married!! And then there is that moment your Dad sees you. Ah it always gets me. 

Now your bridal preparations might not be exactly the one described above but that doesn't matter its still a part of you're wedding day and your story so don't write it off without careful thought as down the line you may regret it. I know for me personally and as a wedding photographer the final result can sometimes feel only 2 thirds there without this part included. 

bridal preparation, national wedding photographer, kent, surrey, essex, london, sussex, hampshire, uk
bridal preparation, national wedding photographer, kent, surrey, essex, london, sussex, hampshire,uk
bridal preparation, national wedding photographer, kent, surrey, london, cambridge, essex, sussex, hampshire, uk
bridal preparation, national wedding photographer, kent, london, essex, surrey, sussex, uk