People over details. Whats important to me as a wedding photographer.

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So over the Christmas period I have been thinking a lot about what is important to me. Both personally and in my work. You see the whole reason I am a wedding photographer is because I thrive on love. I thrive on the human experience, all those beautiful emotions that we are capable of is what really brings me joy.

Thats why I am so attracted to weddings. Thats why I chose to do this job. Weddings are the space in which there is so much happiness, so much love and its the place where such special memories are made. And it's my role to capture them and immortalise them for my wonderful couples.

So in my thinking I have come realise that for me weddings are about the people. Yes I love all the hard work that goes into those incredible details, the beautiful dresses and the sharp suits. BUT nothing fills my heart like capturing a genuine and beautiful moment. 

And I believe thats what my couples love as well. They want their story told, they want the laughter, the tears the silly faces and the crazy dance moves. They want to be able to revisit the JOY! 

You see I believe wholeheartedly that the photograph is the most powerful and sentimental of our belongings. If you ask most people will tell you that if their house was burning down they would save their precious photos. It is such a gift that we are able to stop time in the most beautiful way.

So reflecting back on 2017 I am so happy I was able to capture all that I did for my couples and for myself. I lost someone special on New Year's Day and I am so happy that I was able to get a few special photos in the later part of the year. I can not wait for what 2018 will hold, what beautiful memories I will get to deliver to my wonderful clients. It's going to be another incredible adventure. One I am grateful for every single day. 

Ami xx


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