Why I believe you should have a wedding album & prints.

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I get asked all the time. Can we just have the digital files? 

My answer is generally a no. Because simply put they are not the finished product. The digitals come as part of the package but so does the album.

You don't cherish digital files.

You cherish something that you can hold in your hand, something beautiful that sparks emotion and joy. Something that displays in your home and something that can be passed on when you are no longer here. 

Modern technology has been a blessing and a curse. I have said it before and I say it again.... out of every 100,000 photos taken in the world, only 1 gets printed. 

That makes me cry a little inside. And I don't know anyone yet who loves photography and who doesn't love print. 

The wedding album is what I am passionate about for my clients. I love the process of creating something unique and sentimental to them, knowing that this piece of their life together will bring so much happiness for many years to come. 

That they will sit and flick through it with their children, recounting all the details of the most wonderful day. That even if it gets made redundant to the loft for a period one day someone will find it and it will spark emotions and memories that were put aside. That this book will one day give someone comfort when they say goodbye to someone they hold dear. 

I know it sounds morbid but it's not meant to be. My job as a wedding photographer is to collect and curate your memories and allow you to live your day over and over. I am deeply passionate about this because I know that my clients deserve to remember their day in the most beautiful way possible. 

So that is why I will always believe in the wedding album as the final product, not the digital files.

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