Authenticity and emotion in your wedding photographs.

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I often get asked to define my style of wedding photography. It's a common question and the industry has certain labels for what box to put yourself in. 

Documentary wedding photographer
Natural wedding photographer
Contemporary wedding photographer
Wedding photojournalist
Editorial wedding photographer
Traditional wedding photographer......

I could go on and on. You as the couple have to decide what style you want. 
But what if you don't want your wedding photos to be defined by a label, what if you like candid and the formal groups? Well, then you just mess up the whole system ;) 

No, not really. Personally, If I have to define myself it's as a wedding photographer who captures a wedding authentically and emotionally. I understand you see that my couples want a timeless collection of images that tell a story. A story that is the best day of their lives. One they will share with children, grandchildren and one that will still be shared when they are no longer here. 

My couples couldn't give a toss what industry label I am supposed to stick on myself. They don't want their memories defined by a label or the restrictions that label causes. They want the candids and the photo with Grandma. They also don't want to be stood around for ages doing uncomfortable and false poses.

They want to be photographed as themselves enjoying the day that is the first day of the rest of their lives together as man and wife. Totally and utterly head over heels crazy in love with one another and absolutely killing it with their nearest and dearest.

And that's my goal for each and every one of my wonderful couples. Authentic and beautiful photos that fill their hearts with joy everytime they see them. 


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