Why it's ok that I am not for every couple.


I bring you this blog post from a tube journey to meet one of my wonderful 2017 couples for their engagement shoot in east London. And my excitement today got me thinking about what if I didn't work for people who got me excited about my job.

Part of what defines me as an artist is the fact that not every couple who views my work will go wow that's incredible work, we must have you as our wedding photographer. In fact some may hit my website and go "urgh that is not what we are looking for" or think that I am not worth what I believe I am worth.

And part of the journey in this industry is learning to accept that. 

Which is hard to start off with until you realise how that benefits your well being and business.

Because you see trying to please everyone, changing yourself for people who don't appreciate who you are or what you do only leads to a negative impact on both yourself and the client who wasn't right for you in the first place.  

Which is why I remain always authentic and always myself and it's why I accept that every couple who contacts me might not book me. It's why when every couple contacts me I am nothing but myself. No hard sell, no desperate change of self to get you to part with your cash. I am me and only me and what I create. 

Because you see out of every wedding photographer out there, there is only one me. That's what makes me unique. Only me will work with my couples the way that I do and shoot their wedding through my view. And it's passion for my couples and who they are that defines my work.

So that's why it's ok that I don't book everyone and that's why it's ok not everyone likes me or what I offer because if I bent myself to fit everyone I would have a diary full of clients that don't make me happy or that are not happy themselves because my passion and care just would not be there.  

Not working with the wrong clients leaves me and my diary open to all the amazing clients I want to be working with and who want to be working with me. Who want me and only me to capture their wedding day. 

This the only way my business can be successful, the only way what I create can make people happy. The only way I can create wonderful things.  

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