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Why I have decided to offer mentoring to other wedding photographers...

wedding photography training

6yrs ago I decided I was going to be a wedding photographer. I moved to London and set out on my journey. I was already totally in love with photography and had done a handful of family shoots and a landscape commission for a hotel. I knew how to use my camera and was starting to deepen my knowledge on editing and developing my style. HOWEVER I didn't have a clue on business. 

I did know customer service and how to provide good experiences for people after several years in service industry working in ski resorts. I was and still am fiercely independent and unfazed by new challenges. I thrive on adventure and a diverse lifestyle.

I would describe the first wedding I photographed as thrilling, wonderful and me totally winging it. But I learnt a lot. From there on in how I managed a wedding and my clients was a natural thing for me. I have also always without fail only ever worked for couples who I have clicked with even in the early days I walked away from people I didn't fit with. Thats why I have had a wonderful experience with every couple I have ever worked for. 

My issue for the first few years was finding these clients. Then 2yrs ago I had a mentoring session with a photographer I have admired for many years. From that 2hr session I went into that year with a whole new outlook on how I should be running my business. The growth was incredible as I had a plan and information that would allow me to achieve that plan. I also had the opportunity to assist another photographer I admired and found further confidence in what I what I was doing. A year after that first mentoring session I continued with a full on business mindset mentoring programme which I am still a part of and had a 1:1 with another wonderful wedding photographer. I invested a huge chunk of money and time in self and business improvement. 

And guess what?? It bloody well paid off. I have seen more growth in me and my business in 2yrs than I did in the first 4. 

2017 is going to be my best year ever, I have an almost full diary of amazing, beautiful clients who are exactly the people I want to be working with. You see wedding photography for me is a passion, its my whole life along with my animals and my family. I live and breath my business each and everyday and love every single second of it. It also turns out I know quite a bit about it ;) 

And so offering mentoring to awesome people wanting to carve out their own fulfilling business in the wedding photography industry is a natural transition. I don't want to work with everyone but a select few who fall in with my ethos of providing wonderful client experiences and producing beautiful and authentic memories. 

The wedding photography business can be a scary place as well as wonderful, filled with adventure and creative freedom and I want to help people find their place in it. For me that will be the icing on the cake of this incredible journey I have had. 



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