What is really important about a wedding.

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So you have got engaged recently and now you have the excitement of planning a wedding. Now obviously I love weddings as you can see BUT I love the meaning behind a wedding more. 

A wedding is a celebration of two people who despite all the craziness of life have found each other and they have made the decision to commit the rest of their lives to one another. How incredible is that?

There is even more than that though. A wedding is the symbol of a new beginning, it's where two people and their families come together to create a whole new family. There is so much beauty in that, love is after all our driving force behind everything we do. 

Love is the ultimate shared experience and its something I get a great deal of joy from witnessing in my work. Its my big why. 

The look on a grooms face when he sees his bride for the first time, a Dad proudly walking his daughter down the aisle, emotional and carefully thought out speeches full of the stories of these two people who found one another. Promises to love and cherish each other are exchanged and thats so incredible to me every time I witness it. 

Marriage is probably the biggest commitment any two people can make and its also no easy walk in the park. Its hard. Those promises though are the binding force behind every happy, tragic and challenging aspect of that relationship so I never see them taken lightly by any of my couples. 

I love that each and everyone of my couples really do take those promises seriously. I can see it when they look at one another. There is no greater thing to photograph. 

I hadn't actually realised the greatness of that commitment until this past few months and I witnessed first hand the power of a marriage. Seeing the strength of my Grandparents as they faced down their last challenge together after nearly 60yrs of marriage truly bought it home for me. Love is everything. 

And I tell you what the looks between two people who really love one another never change even after a lifetime together.

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